Beautiful Actress Mestawet Aragaw – A multi-talented artist

Beautiful Actress Mestawet Aragaw – A Multi Talented Artist. Ethiopian Instrumental Classical Music – Violine.

Mestawet Aragaw is a multi talented artist, a musician (violinist), an actress, a journalist, a narrator, and more.

Many of you remember Mestawet form her appearances in several radio dramas, especially Ye’maebel Wanategnoch /የማዕበል ዋናተኞች/ in which she played as Etsubdinq /ዕፁብድንቅ/.

Her golden voice and personality have conquered our hearts for over a decade.

Mestawet made her first violin solo album. The album covered music from Ethiopian oldies (the golden age of Ethiopian music). Mestawet incorporated Amharic, Oromifa, and Tigrigna music in her album.

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