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ዲክቴ ትዳሯ ከፈታች በኋላ ወደ የትውልድ ከተማዋ የተመለሰች የወንጀል ዘጋቢ ጋዜጠኛ ነች፡፡
የ18 አመት ልጇንና መታረቅ የሚፈልገውን የቀድሞ ባለቤቷም አብሮዋት አለ፡፡ ከፖሊስ ጋር በቅርበት ብትሰራም ብዙውን ግዜ ባሳለፈችው ህይወቷ ምክንያት የተሳሳተ መንገድ ትጠቀማለች ነገር ግን በጣም ጎበዝ መርማሪ ናት፡፡
Dicte is a crime reporter who goes back to her hometown of Aarhus after a divorce. She has an 18-year-old daughter named Rose and an ex-husband who hopes for a reconciliation. She works closely with the police, but often leaps to wrong conclusions based on her own background. She’s an excellent investigator and often is instrumental in helping solve crimes.
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